Your E-mail Address
As you will receive download instructions and licenses by email, please ensure that your email address is correct.

Single user / Nodelocked Licenses
This type of license will allow you to use the software on a single computer. When you generate your license, you will be asked to provide the computers ID, and the license will be specific to that computer.

Floating Licenses
Floating license are useful where one or more users with computers on the same network wish to share licenses. This requires installing a small license server program on one of the computers on the network, which then serves the licenses to the others. The license server will only serve the number of licenses available, so if you have a 3-user floating license, up to 3 users at a time will be able to use the software.

You can choose to view prices in US Dollars or Euros, however, you will notice that your credit card will be charged in British Pounds. The actual amount your credit card will be charged will therefore depend on the exchange rate used by your card provider.

All orders from within the European Union are subject to a 20% sales tax. Note that on the payment page, the sales tax will disappear once you specify a non-European address.

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